I will never understand people who KNOW that “Gypsy” is a slur but still demand to be able to use it. They argue “oh, well language evolves so it’s ok”. No. it’s not. This goes for ANY slur.

When it comes to words that STILL actively get people killed, I don’t really think arguments over semantics are appropriate. I think people ought to actually listen to oppressed groups and not stubbornly cling to their imagined right to use hurtful words. Sure, you CAN use them, in the sense that you CAN chop off someone’s hand. But you SHOULDN’T do either of those things.

Although, as my history professor said, “Power and privilege don’t operate on ‘should’; they operate on ‘can’.”

totallyanimated said: Hello, I'm writing a Romani character (her name is Syeira) during the WW2. I would like to know do you know any valid links to Romani life during that time? I trying to avoid stereotypes (ex. fortune teller, thief and exoticism) and other lies. Could you help me ?

To be honest most Rroma don’t talk about their lives during that time period. For good reasons. Many lost most if not all of their families. The only legitimate portrayal I can think of is Korkoro, which was directed by a half-Rromani man. It depicts a Rromani family in France during WWII. It’s available on netflix. Also I’m not sure where you got that name, but I’ve never met or heard of any Rroma with that name. Also, what country does this take place in? Because that affects the lifestyle. And also the names and the dialect they would speak.

I would also advise that you use some sort of disclaimer that you aren’t Rromani so some of it is artistic liscence…

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I was checking on this post because it has gained a LOT of notes recently and I was so happy bu then

are you KIDDING me Rroma have so few posts about us with actual notes on this site and you reblog it ADDING this, which IS important, but has NOTHING to do with my post? stop. you even said “not to hijack” and you DID what is WRONG with you omkd

this is why we can’t have nice things


African Americans and the Gypsies: a cultural relationship formed through hardships

by Chuck Todaro
“The Irish are the niggers of Europe… Say it loud. I’m Black an’ I’m proud,” echoes…

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runandtellalltheneighbors said: Hello! :) what is a nath and why is it worn? Does it have special meaning attached to it? I just wanted to ask since I have seen them but don't know about them. Education is power, no?

A nath is a nose ring, often with a connecting chain that sits on the left ear, worn by women in South Asia and in the South Asian diaspora. It’s, as I understand, nowadays usually worn for formal occasions such as weddings, but there are definitely women who wear them more often.

I know many South Asian Muslim women get them at the time of marriage. Some Rromani groups also practice this. In my family, some of the women still have them, but usually they do not wear one with a chain to the ear unless it is a wedding, but even then they usually don’t.

Fun fact: nose piercing in the West came about when hippies went to India in the 60s and wanted to emulate it. But in India and other parts of the world, it is a tradition dating back thousands of years!

Here is a picture:

We literally mean nothing to you people. All you want is to exploit your twisted perception of our culture. You don’t care about us at all. You have no idea what it is like to be a “Gypsy”. To be harassed and assaulted and SPAT on. Literally spat on. To be followed in stores and to hear racial slurs against you every day of your life. To have your family murdered as though they were animals. Rroma are not for you to exploit or some costume for you to take on and off at will. You can’t play dress up with people’s lives. Because at the end of the day you can just take off your stupid ~boho~ look when trouble comes knocking. We can’t. You want the ~whismical~ parts of our culture?

Take the rapes and murders and assaults.

Take the spit on your face.

Take the scorn of everyone.

Take the feeling of someone stabbing you through the heart every time they ask “what you are” and you’re stupid enough to tell them.

Take the bitter tears.

Don’t you dare insult our culture. Don’t you fucking dare.








I was called a “Hippie, Ninja, Superhero” with this picture.

And don’t forget racist

Racist? Exactly how? For calling myself a gypsy? I come from Roma gypsies on my mother’s side and Jamaican from my father’s.

"I came from roma gypsies" i hear that one alllll the time. Smh, save romendar san tut?

Because the colour of my skin is white, you decided to label me as a typical “white girl” without actually knowing my ethnicity. That is racism. You judged me believing I was another phony white girl when in fact I have multicultural blood coursing through my veins. I never stay a week in the same place and forever meet new people. But I don’t have to prove myself to racist, hypocrites like you. Because I know who I am. I see your posts judging Caucasians everyday because you see our skin and the tag “gypsy” and stamp us down as racists and think you’re the bigger person. But you’re the fake. You’re probably sat behind a computer screen day in day out not once have you lived the way a gypsy lives. I’m not one of those fru-fru wedding dress, let embarrass our “race” on international television gypsy. I’m a down to the ground, let’s see the world and travel gypsy. Judge me and label me all because my skin is white but I know the blood in me is a Gypsy and Caribbean. I was born to see the world. What the heck do you do?

This is the biggest load of bullshit ive ever read lol

Does this gadje know that the reasons rroma moved around so much was because we were oppressed not because we had a hippy need to travel? Looool I’m probably just as white passing as this ignorant lady.

Gadje come get your folks. trash. just trash. if you were ACTUALLY Rromani you wouldn’t be saying any of this. xa me mulenge kokolo, gadji.